Classroom Policies and Procedures

Classroom Procedures and Policies:

Folder/Homework: Each night, a special green folder will go home and needs to be returned each day. Items in the “Keep” side of the folder will include notes from school and graded work. Please take those out each evening, look through them, send anything back to school that is needed, and keep the graded items at home. Items on the “return” side will include your child’s daily behavior calendar, which needs to stay in the folder all month. Also in the “return” side, you will find any homework assignments or notes that need returned. A nightly reading assignment will begin the second or third week of school, and any other unfinished work from the day will be sent home to be completed and returned.

Birthdays: Ms. Smith is asking us to keep birthday parties to the last 15 minutes of the school day if possible and to only serve clear liquids, such as Capri Sun, to help preserve the new carpet that we got over the summer. Please let me know a week in advance, so that I can block off time in our schedule.

Snacks: We will be having a small snack each afternoon. I am sending home a snack list the night of Open House. We have enough students that each child will provide a snack for each student approximately once a month. Please look for a snack calendar to come home each month.

Water bottles: I allow water bottles in the room that have a lid. Students may only fill them with water. They will be sent home every Friday to be washed. Please label it with your child’s name.

Volunteers: I welcome volunteers, so let me know if you would like to help!