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Kimberly Lampe

Welcome to Lampe/Means 4th Grade Class

JOB SHARE:  Yes, your child will have TWO homeroom teachers this year.  Mrs. Lampe begins each day teaching the language arts subjects: language, spelling, and reading.   Mrs. Means follows in the afternoon teaching math, social studies, and handwriting.  Each day, while the students are at lunch, we have time to plan and share information as needed.  This year begins our 18th year together as a job-share, and also the 24th year of teaching for each of us.  We feel our situation is a positive one for the students and hope you will, too.  Please don’t hesitate to share any concerns and/or questions. 


AGENDA:  As fourth-grade teachers we view the agenda as a wonderful teaching tool.  The lesson: responsibility.  If students copy assignments carefully, ask questions at agenda times, and use their agendas to remind them of work that needs to be completed, they will surely develop and enjoy a sense of responsibility.


As parents, we ask that you sign the agenda each day.  Also coming home each day will be your child’s bright orange folder.  Please set aside a few minutes with your child to take out and go over graded papers as they come home, along with any notes from school.   The right side of the folder (KEEP AT HOME pocket) should come back to school empty each day, ready for new papers.


Many papers will be completed together in class, especially at the first of the year.  Papers with a percentage are those evaluations that have been entered in the grade book.   Remember, as teachers we are continually assessing your child’s progress in multiple ways before we assign a grade.  Daily work will help the students and us to “zero in” on trouble areas.  Help at home is surely appreciated, too.


WHEN IS AN ASSIGNMENT LATE?  If a student does not have enough time in class to finish the assignment, he/she will need to take it home to complete it.   Students are not allowed to work on assignments when they arrive in the classroom in the morning… they have morning procedures to follow and will not have time to complete an assignment that should have been finished at home


BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION:  With our schedule this year, we are encouraging parties at the end of the day at 3:40.  You are welcome to bring treats or send them with your child.  Our CDS building policy requests NO drinks, please.  We appreciate knowing about celebrations a day or two in advance so that we may adjust our plans accordingly.  Thanks!


COOPERATIVE LEARNING:  In our classroom we will be using cooperative learning groups for some of our lessons. This will require students to cooperate to learn while learning to cooperate.  Please remember:  Assignments completed as a group are for skill practice, not for a grade.  Group grades will not be assigned.  Your child’s grade comes from work completed independently, not group work.  It is our hope that by using cooperative learning, our students will be better prepared to succeed in future years.


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