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Classroom policy and procedures

P.E. Procedure

Walking in to class

  1. Walk in quietly
  2. Check board to see what instant activity to get ready for or if you need to find your spot. If there is an instant activity get ready and wait patiently for the timer and music to start.
  3. Music stops walk quietly to find spot.
  4. We will then do some exercises and stretching together.
  5. Listen for further directions.

P.E. Procedure

For getting equipment

  1. Sit quietly with hands on top of your head until you are called over.
  2. Wait patiently in line for your equipment.
  3. Get equipment and find your own space and sit quietly with equipment in your lap and hands on top of your head.
  4. Listen for further directions.
  5. Start on the music.

P.E. Procedure

For handing equipment in

  1. Sit quietly with equipment in lap and hands on top of your head.
  2. Wait until you are called to bring equipment back.
  3. Walk over to put it away.
  4. Walk quietly to get in line.



P.E. Procedure

Lining up to leave

  1. Walk quietly to door to get in line.
  2. As you walk out shake your fist at the level of self-responsibility you think you were at! Do you need to have a better day next time? Or did you have a good day?
  3. Walk out quietly.


Rules for P.E.

  1. Listen and follow directions
  2. Raise your hand before speaking or leaving your spot
  3. Keep your hands and feet to yourself
  4. Respect classmates, teacher, and equipment


P.E. Discipline

3 strike system- 1. Give them a warning and tell them what they need to change,  2. Timeout and give them a reminder of what they need to change, send them to sit under a red circle. They sit under the red circle and think about the reason they have to sit out. When they have finished, they move themselves to the blue circle where they cool themselves off. When they are ready to go back in they move themselves to the green circle. That tells me they are ready to come back and cooperate with the rules. I bring them back in. They do not bring themselves back in. 3. Letter or call home and homeroom teacher is informed.

In some cases I will continue class and go talk to them about there behavior.