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Policy and Procedures

Preschool Behavior Plan

Our plan for behaviors in the preschool classroom involves only a few items.

  1. At the beginning of each day we talk about making good choices (being nice to friends, sharing, taking turns, using our words, following directions, etc.).  We do reinforce the good choices that children make each day by giving positive comments, pats on the back, high-five’s and occasionally children have the choice of an M&M or sticker.  We also use the treasure chest that contains small toys that the children can choose from.
  2. When a behavior problem occurs the child is redirected.  We also talk to them about other choices that could have been made.  The adult that is nearest to the child is the one to redirect or talk to the child.  For those children who do have the verbal skills we still redirect and talk to them, but offer choices of pictures for them.
  3. If the behavior continues, the child is given the choice of going to the “Safe Place” or correcting the behavior on their own.  Generally at this time they will need assistance in making this choice.  The “Safe Place” has options to help the child to learn to self calm in order to return to the class activity.  At first they may need the assistance of an adult and then hopefully they will learn to self calm.  The items included in the “Safe Place” are a semi-closed in area of the classroom that has bean bags, a weighted blanket, music with headphones, and other fidget toys.  Every time a child chooses the “Safe Place” they will talk to an adult upon leaving about why they chose to go and what choice they can make the next time.