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Grading policy



Please check your child's grades on a weekly basis. I will enter scores every Friday for all tests and other worksheets from the week. If several children are gone, I may wait to enter test scores until the following Monday after make-up work has been completed. Scores from tests will be entered at least one week after the test was given.


Skyward Family Access

Please click on the link above to login and check your child's grades.


Students in 1st grade are given grades in the core areas of Reading, Spelling, Math and Science.


Sub-skills are scored as:

Consistently meets/masters the standard 

Progressing toward the standard

Limited progress towards the standard

* Areas not marked are NOT assessed this period




Make-Up Work


Students will make up missing work the following day they return to school. They will be given time to review the material they missed and then will be given the test or other assignment to complete if it is needed for a grade. All missing work that will not be recorded for a grade will be sent home to be completed and returned to school within two days of receiving it. Please send a note or an email if your child struggled or needs more assistance with the work that was completed at home.



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