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Classroom behavior plan

Classroom Rules

  1. Listen to and follow directions.
  2. Work quietly.  Do not disturb others while they are working.
  3. Respect people and property
  4. Speak quietly and politely.  No foul  language
  5. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  6. Be responsible and do your best.

Dear Family,

                In order to achieve an environment that is the best for growth both academically and socially I am utilizing the following discipline plan in my classroom.

Displayed in the classroom is a chart with six levels of varying student behavior. The children each have a clothespin to clip on the chart. Each day, the student will start with his or her clip on green.  If I see a student doing something great, I will ask them to move their clip up to the higher color.  If I see a student not demonstrating good behavior, I will ask them to move their clip down to the lower color.  Clips can move up and down throughout the day.  The colors are as follows:

Pink          Outstanding Day:  Student showed several good character traits, set a good example for others and helped the teacher and others.
Blue          Good choices: Student showed good character traits, such as: citizenship, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and trustworthiness.
Green       Ready to Learn: This is where the students start each day and clips remain here as they demonstrate they are ready to learn.
Yellow      Warning -Think About It:  Student made a poor choice in behavior.  They will need to think about their behavior and correct it. No recess is lost.
Orange     Teacher's Choice:  Student continued to make poor choices in behavior and recess time will be owed as they continue to think about how to correct behaviors.  This may be time spent walking on the walking path around the playground (laps), standing at the edge of the playground by the small wall, or a combination of both e.g.- 1 lap and 3 minutes of thinking at the edge of the playground wall. Once a child has walked their lap(s) upon returning to class they may move their clip back to yellow.
Red           Parent Contact:  Student continued to make poor choices and did not correct behaviors.  Student will owe recess time and have a conference with teacher.  A note or phone call will be made to inform parents/guardians of behaviors.  Student may be sent to the office. Students that have clipped to red will return to green for a fresh start at the beginning of the next day.
I reserve the right to make changes to consequences based on severity of the behavior.

A student may be moved to red and sent to the office without going through the other steps if behavior is severe enough to warrant a visit with Mr. Cavanaugh.


If a student has a clip on blue, pink, they will receive a ticket to be placed in the weekly drawing for a trip to the treasure chest. 


I feel that it is extremely important that disruptive behavior in the classroom be dealt with quickly, consistently, and with respect for all involved.  As a classroom teacher my effectiveness is greatly diminished if time that could be spent teaching is used to correct misbehaviors.  I want the children to feel their classroom is a safe and happy learning environment.

I think the partnership between teacher and parent can greatly increase a child’s success in school and I hope you will feel free to contact me with any concerns that you may have.


Deena Fowler's Class

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