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Behavior Plan

Behavior Plan

Having a set behavior plan lets my students know my expectations, but also helps keep an orderly classroom and creates a safe learning environment. In my class, we use a clip system for managing behavior.

Clip System

Displayed in the classroom is a colored chart with a clip for each student. Each day the student will tart with his or her clip on green (ready to learn). If I see a student doing something great, I will have them move their clip up to a higher color. If I see a student not demonstrating good behavior, I will ask them to move their clip down to the lower color. Clips can move up and down throughout the day. The colors are as follows:

Pink             Awesome: Student showed several good character traits, set a good example for others, and helped the teacher and others.

Purple          Great job: Student showed good character traits and helped others and the teacher.

Blue             Good job: Student showed good character traits, such as: citizenship, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and trustworthiness. 

Green          Ready to learn: This is where the students start each day and clips remain here as they demonstrate they are ready to learn. 

Yellow          Think about it: Student made a poor choice in behavior. He or she will need to think about his or her behavior and correct it.

Orange        Teacher’s choice: Student continued to make poor choices in behavior and recess time will be owed (think laps) as they continue to think about how to correct their behavior

Red              Parent contact: Student continued to make poor choices and did not correct behaviors. Student will owe recess time and have a conference with the teacher and principal. A note or phone call will be made to inform parents/guardians of behaviors.