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Policies and Procedures

Rules! Rules! Rules!

This will take the place of the classroom rules/procedures in the class flipbook


Dear Parents,

Welcome to a great new year!!! I am looking forward to a wonderful year. In order to begin our year together successfully, I would like to explain some of the basic principles and guidelines in our classroom: My goal as a teacher is to provide a safe and stimulating learning environment. In order to do this, there is a reliable and consistent discipline system enforced in our classroom. I feel that a good discipline system reinforces positive behaviors and discourages behaviors that are negative to your child and his/her classmates.

In our classroom we have the following rules:

Rule 1: Listen when someone is speaking

Rule 2: Follow directions quickly.

Rule 3: Raise your hand to speak.

Rule 4: Respect others, our school and yourself.

Rule 5: Make Smart Choices.

This way, we “Keep your dear teacher happy.”

Because, of course, her dear children are learning!

We will be practicing many components of our rules and routines every day. Students will receive the opportunity to practice following our rules during class time. We will learn what each rule means and the steps to achieve them. We will use our agendas for daily communication on how well the rules were being followed or broken as needed.




Please take the time to review the note and the rule with your child, sign the folder and return the next day. Parent support is a valuable asset that contributes to student success, and by working together we will help your child learn to be a positive contributor in the classroom. If a rule is highlighted, please take time to discuss the behaviors and “practice” making good choices. If rule 1 was broken, a sensible practice session may include sitting quietly for 5 minutes and then standing to say the rules 3 times. For rule 2, you may give commands “please sit in the chair” “walk quietly around the table” “pick up 3 books” etc. for 5 minutes and then stand and say all of the rules. If the same rule is marked over a few days, increase the “practice time”. I will be firm on our rules as to keep order and accountability in the classroom, but I don’t want “how was your day?” to be the only focus of your after school discussion. “What did you learn?” is our focus. If there are repeated behaviors that need a parent phone call or conference, we can meet and discuss a more detailed plan as needed.

This year promises to be a very fun and rewarding year. I am truly looking forward to working with your child! If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to contact me either at 316-794-4260 or my email



Mrs. Jennings


In my classroom we will be utilizing the ClassDoJo app to keep track of rewards/misbehaviors. The DoJo points are accumulated and then weekly recorded in a reward notebook. When they get to 100 points they can turn them in for rewards such as extra free time, extra computer time, a reward from the book box, teacher helper, etc.

If they choose to break one of the class rules they will initially be warned to fix their behavior or a point will be taken away. They will lose points for poor choices/behavior, but they can also add points for good choices/behavior and good decision making. You will get a call from your child if the behavior is out of control, or they have lost all of their points for the day. They may also get to call you if they have done something extraordinary that is worth bragging about!!!

All of the students in my class will be informed at the very beginning of the year of what I expect of them and the discipline procedures will be practiced from day one. I would appreciate if you would review the plan with your child. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Mrs. Jennings