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Discipline Policy

 Dear Parents,

          In order to achieve an environment that is the best for growth both academically and socially I am putting the following discipline plan in place in the classroom. 


Classroom Rules

  1.  We will listen and follow directions.
  2.   We will respect people and property.
  3.   We will keep hands, feet, and objects to ourselves.
  4.   We will try our BEST!!!


If a student does not follow our classroom rules the consequences are as follows.

1st Consequence:  Verbal warning from the teacher.

2nd Consequence:  Child will owe five minutes from activity time in the afternoon.

3rd Consequence:  Child will owe ten minutes from activity time in the afternoon.

4th Consequence:  Child will owe all of the afternoon activity time.  Parents are contacted by phone or email.

5th Consequence:  Child will visit the principal and parents will be contacted.

If a child if often reaching the third and fourth consequence the teacher and parents may conference about the behavior.



I reward students with good behavior in a variety of ways:praise, stickers, edible treats, free time, certificates, and hugs.The class is also rewarded for good behavior.Every time the class gets a compliment from another staff person they receive a cupcake on the board.When the class earns 10 cupcakes they will receive a compliment party.


I know that it is very important to recognize those students who are following the daily rules.The children need to know that I appreciate their behavior and how it has a positive effect in the classroom.


                                                                                                        Mrs. Wood