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iPad Apps List

  • TOP IPAD APPS FOR EDUCATION: this is not a comprehensive list, I am sure I will be adding to it as the year goes on. These are the apps that I REALLY like now and use either in the classroom or with my own children at home. Almost all of the apps listed are free, some are paid. If you would like a list of all the paid apps that I like, please let me know and I will get it compiled and sent out.



Mrs. Macy






  1. Raz Kids- free
  2. Starfall Learn to read- paid app
  3. Word Monsters- free app with 1 book, more books available for purchase.
  4. Lexia Reading Core5- free
  5. We Kids Word Games- free
  6. Endless Reader



  1. Grammar for Kids- Parts of Speech- free
  2. Sentence Builder- free
  3. Sparkle Fish
  4. iTooch Elementary



  1. Writing Wizard
  2. Ollie's Handwriting and Phonics
  3. Letter Workbook
  4. Kids App- tracing



  1. Gopher Sight Words lite- free
  2. Sight Cards
  3. Lakeshore Sight Words- free app- (write the word, read word, and record word)
  4. Sight Words- free
  5. Ace Writer- sight words
  6. Dolch Sight Words lite- free
  7. Abby Write and Play- dolch sight word practice
  8. Sight Words Learning
  9. Sight Words by Little Speller



  1. Build a Word Express
  2. Spelling test
  3. Starfall ABC's- paid
  4. Memory Game- spelling practice
  5. Come Learn Spelling
  6. First words with phonics
  7. Phonics vowels



  1. Everyday Math- addition top it
  2. SoGaBee's Math Facts fun
  3. Math Ninja- free
  4. Madigascar Math Opps
  5. AbiTalk Fun Math Facts
  6. Math Lands
  7. Todo Math
  8. Animal Math Games
  9. Animal first grade math
  10. Math Slide- additon/subtraction
  11. Math Champ Challenge
  12. Math Drills lite
  13. My Math Flashcards
  14. Sushi Monster
  15. Teachley Addition Adventure
  16. King of Math Jr
  17. Logic Playground
  18. Learn with Homer
  19. Motion Math
  20. Math Bugs- free
  21. Math Tapper
  22. Quick Math
  23. Ten-Frame Fill



  1. Line em Up- # order
  2. Count Sort
  3. Math Slide- 10's and 1's
  4. Tell Time
  5. Teaching Number Lines
  6. Amazing Coins
  7. Number Frames



  1. TeachMe- K, 1, and 2- 3 different apps but all are really good. Paid app
  2. Scholastic Reading Timer
  3. Magnetic Board- good for spelling practice
  4. Level Finder- helps find AR levels of books



  1. Flash Study- Make flash cards
  2. Quizlet Flash Cards
  3. Chalk Board

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