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Grading Policy

Grading -  The 1st-4th grade report card is standards-based and includes a brief descriptor of the standards addressed at that grade level by subject area.  The standards are scored as  M = Consistently meets/mastered standard; P = Progressing toward the standard; L = Limited progress towards the standard.  A blank indicates that the standard was not assessed this quarter.  An overall grade is given for reading, math, spelling and science.

At the first through fourth grade level, students are assigned a letter grade in addition to standards scores in Math, Reading, Spelling, & Science.

The grading scale is:
A  100 - 95  A-  94 – 90                                            M= Consistently meets/masters the standard
 B+ 89 - 87  B   86 - 83        B- 82 – 80                      P=Progressing toward the standard
 C+ 79 - 77  C   76 - 73       C- 72 – 70                       L=Limited progress towards the standard    
 D+ 69 - 67  D   66 - 63       D- 62- 60                        *Areas not marked are NOT assessed this period
 F     59 – 0
ASSIGNING FAILING GRADES If a D or F is assigned, a conference should be held to discuss student needs.   


Students are allowed 2 days to make up work for every 1 day of an excused absence. At the discretion of the teacher, make-up work can be given before or following a known absence