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Behavior Policy/Rules

In the speech room, we follow the general rules of the school and support the classroom rules and policies. Below are a few rules/policies that are pertinent to communication and the speech room. These rules are meant to reinforce classroom rules as well as promote healthy communication skills.

  1. TALK! This is speech class and we want to hear students . . . just not when somebody else is talking. Interrupting others is rude.
  2. LISTEN UP! Make eye-contact and face the person who is talking. It shows that you are listening.
  3. ENCOURAGE OTHERS! Tell others when they are doing well on a goal or in a game/activity. Use phrases such as “Nice job” or give a high five. It shows you care.
  4. ASK QUESTIONS! If you are unsure how to complete an activity or want to know what we are working on that day, just ask! Asking to play games or for prizes is not allowed. These are for special occasions and not when you ask.
  5. BE POLITE WHEN YOU WIN A GAME OR ACHIEVE A GOAL! It is always fun to win and achieve our goals, but bragging makes others feel bad. Instead, tell others “Nice try” or “You will get there!”.
  6. BE A GOOD SPORT! Playing games while we work toward our goals is fun and pouting is not allowed. Be happy for others when they do well. Complaining when you don’t do well may lead to others not wanting to play with you.
  7. SAY THANK YOU! Show that you appreciate others.
  8. CALL OTHERS BY THEIR NAMES! Learn the names of others and greet each other by their name when you see them.
  9. SHOW INTEREST! Ask others questions about themselves and they may ask you about yourself.  Talking about ourselves is fun, but not when that is all we talk about.
  10. SHOW KINDNESS! Simple acts like holding the door open, giving a compliment and encouraging others show you care and make others want to be around you.


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