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Classroom Management

Classroom Management Plan

Positive reinforcement such as individual, team, and whole class incentives will be implemented. In our classroom, praise, classroom tickets, positive notes, hugs, and smiles will be utilized. See more info on our VIP table on the next page! J

Personal / Social Expectations:

The learner will…

*Practice good listening skills.

*Cooperatively work with others and stay on task.

*Approach a task with flexibility and inventiveness.

*Be responsible for completing and turning in all work.

*Be responsible for their actions.

*Be kind to everyone!

Classroom Tickets: Students can earn classroom tickets by displaying excellent behavior, completing extra activities, and/or by completing their homework. Students will be able to spend their tickets in our classroom on some fun incentives such as, sitting at the teacher’s desk  choosing something out of the treasure box, and many other fun things.

Classroom Behavior Plan:  I will be helping them to make good choices at CDS. If a child has made a poor choice, I will give them a warning and an encouragement to do better. If the child continues to make a poor choice, I will have that child move to the safe spot in our classroom. At the safe spot, the child will have time to reset, and then join us when they are ready. If they are disruptive there, they will move to a buddy classroom, or the principal or counselor’s office. Any time the child misses from class in the safe spot, may result in work to complete at home from that day.

Behavior Log: I will be keeping a behavior log each day. It will be on a clipboard at my desk. I will track behaviors by giving students who make a poor choice a checkmark. For one poor choice, the student will fill out a think about it sheet at recess. For two poor choices, the student will fill out a think about it sheet and walk 2 reflective thinking laps at recess. For three poor choices, the student may go to the principal or counselor, as well as filling out a think about it sheet and walking reflective thinking laps for the majority of recess time. I will email you or call you as well.

*Please note that some behaviors will result in an automatic office referral. Such behaviors include, but are not limited to bad language, physical behaviors towards themselves or others, and defiance.