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Daily Schedule


9-9:10- Morning Jobs

9:10-10:10- Reading (4th)

9:30-10- Spelling (3rd)

10-11- Reading (3rd)

10:10-10:25- Spelling (4th)

11-11:30- Spelling

Tier Time-4TH

11:30-11:55- Language (4th)

12-12:25- Tier Time-(3rd )

12:25-12:40- Grammar (3rd)

                    -Math help

1-2- Reading (3rd)

         -Math ( 4TH)

        - Math (3rd)

2-2:30- Math (4TH )

2-2:10 -Math help (3rd)

2:25-2:45- Spelling (4th)

2:40-3- Spelling (K)

3-3:30-Language (4th)




My commnication policy is the following-

-If your child has a concern regarding school or my classroom, please ask them to communicate with me and try to work it out.

-If your child still does not feel like the situation was resolved, then please contact me with your concerns.

-If you are not satisfied with the results of our meetingor communication, then please feel free to contact Mr. Cavanaugh. 

It has been my experience, in my many years of teaching, that students typically do not accurately commnicate the entire problem or situation to parents! (Remember, I also raised 4 kids of my own, been there done that!!!) So please do not hesitate to contact me at any time regarding an issue.



The students will normally have nightly homework. This will usually just consist of reading at home or studying for weekly spelling tests that take place on Friday. Occassionally they will have a reading project or a vocabulary test. Only hoework is listed on my assignment board, so if it is written in their agenda in the area of Reading. Writing , Spelling , Language or  Math, it IS homework. If you have any questions, feel free to email me or write a note in teh child’s agenda. It is important that agendas are looked at and written in every night.  Those who do not complete the weekly homework assignments will be given an opportunity to complete them, while those who did are participating in an alternate special activity.


The expectation in our classroom is respect. We respect all members of out class, so that they can learn, We respect me so that I can teach. 

If there is more behavior intervention support that is needed for an individual child, then we (parents, teachers, students) will develop a plan specific  to the child that will best help them experience success.




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