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Make-up work and test policy

Make up work policy:

When your child is absent, I will send home the make up work with your child the day that they return to school. School policy is that the students are allowed 1 day to return make-up work for every day that they are absent. So if you child misses 4 days, they need to have their make-up work returned 4 days after they return to school. 


make up tests:

make-up reading, spelling, and math tests will be given the day your child returns to school (usually during their recess time). If your child is absent for several days in a row, the tests that they missed will be given the follwing Monday after their absense so they are able to catch up on the skills they have missed out on.



If your child scores below a 70% on a MATH test, it will come home with a parent signature stamp. Please review the test with your child. Your child may correct the problems that were missed AND SHOW THEIR WORK, and they will be able to make up to a 70% on the test.