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Kindergarten Goals

Kindergarten Goals

First Quarter

*colors *shapes *says ABC’s *writes and spells first name *letter recognition and sounds *sorts *left/right *rhyming *colors and cuts *listens and follows directions *social skills *work habits *counts, writes, and identifies numbers 0 5 *gets along with others *counts by one *counts by ten

Second Quarter

*hears rhyming words *identifies all capital letters and lowercase letters *forms letters correctly *writes name neatly *knows letter sounds *learns sight words *number recognition *listens and talks at appropriate times *uses inventive spelling *communicates ideas through pictures *writes numbers to 20 *patterning *social skills *work habits *identifies initial sounds in words

Third Quarter

*identifies all capital and lowercase letters *knows letter sounds *knows sight words *writes and spells last name *forms letters correctly on lines *identifies final sounds in words *uses objects to show addition and subtraction *labels and prints words to express an idea *tells time to the hour *identifies numbers to 20 *recognizes U.S. coins *social skills *work habits

Fourth Quarter

*knows letter sounds and blending *knows all sight words *matches pictures to words *can count to 100 by ones *can count to 100 by tens *measures *forms letters correctly on lined paper *can read simple words *sorts by color, shape, and size *identifies 3-dimensional shapes *social skills *work habits

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