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Patty Frame

Reading Activities are F-U-N!!!

What Is the Reading Lab?
The Reading Lab is a place where students can get additional help with all areas of reading.  Our goal is to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for learning. We help K-4th grade students with reading skills and encourage students to do their best each and every day. We want all children to feel successful in their abilities! Reading should be FUN!!! We will be the cheerleaders for your child as they find success throughout the year!
Behavior Expectations
The behavior expectation for our room is that each student treat one another with dignity and respect! We want our room room to be a “safe” place for students to learn. All students should feel comfortable and excited to  learn.  :-) 
Reading Lab Staff

Miss Amy
Miss Ashley
Miss Deb
Miss Mandi
Miss Meredith
Mrs. Frame
Mrs. Frame


Patty Frame

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