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About Stephanie Chadd


 I am so happy to be back at school!  I’m grateful to be part of the Clark  Davidson staff and I know we will have a wonderful year! This will be my 23nd year teaching elementary students.  My husband, Troy, and I have four children and live northwest of Goddard. Our oldest daughter, Jessica, is a nurse at the Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center. Jessica and her husband Justin are parents to Josie, Jayna, Jaxon, and Jud.  Our daughter, Julia, is starting her 1st  year of residency at KU School of Medicine in Wichita. Our youngest daughter, Laura, is married and works as a nurse in the NICU at Wesley Hospital. Laura and her husband Logan are parents to Emmylou. Our son, Garrett,  graduated in May from Wichita State University and is currently coaching at a sports camp in Pennsylvania. 


                                                                             Helpful Tips:

  1.  Please sign your child’s agenda book each evening.  Look it over carefully to make sure assignments are complete. You will find a folder for homework with the agenda in a binder.  Please set aside a few minutes with your child to go over graded papers and homework as they come home along with notes from school. Students will also keep their passwords for IXL, Typing Club, Raz Kids, and Lexia in their agendas. 
  2. Students are expected to know their multiplication facts through 12 at the beginning of 4th grade! Study multiplication facts for 10 minutes each night. If you don’t have time, use time in the car or while you are making dinner for review.  You will be amazed at how 10 minutes here and there on a regular basis can make a difference.  They may also practice on and Reflex Math. 
  3. Read every evening for 15-20 minutes. A student’s reading level will improve with practice! Have your child read aloud to improve their fluency and comprehension. Students are strongly encouraged to work on the Lexia reading computer program at home!  They can make amazing progress in a short time if they work 10-20 minutes a couple times each week on their level. 
  4. I encourage parents to contact me by email or phone with any messages or concerns.  I check my email once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  Please understand I will not respond when the students are in the classroom.  Therefore, you may not receive a response until after school. If it is urgent, please call the school at 794-4260.
  5. Our lunch is scheduled from 11:00-11:25.  Please send a healthy snack for later in the day. Cereal, crackers, granola bars, meat sticks, fruit or veggies make a great snack. 
  6. Birthday parties are a special time for the class.  You are welcome to send prepackaged treats with your child.  At this time visitors for lunch or parties are not allowed.

Thanks again for your help and support this coming year!  Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns. I can be reached at  (316)794-4260 or





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