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Behavior Expectations

Behavior Expectations

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We are a Capturing Kids’ Hearts School and will be creating a social contract together during the first weeks of school.  We will refer to this contract and hold each other accountable to it throughout the school year.


Each time your child comes to Math Lab, we will rate ourselves using the social contract and earn Llama Money for following our social contract! 

Llama Money can be spent in our class store for gum, stickers, pencils, other small prizes, and class privileges!


          I am a firm believer in consequences that remedy a given situation, repair damage, or restore relationships.  Such consequences will be used as much as possible before implementing the following:        

          Step 1:  Warning

Step 2:  Student will have a “time out” from the activity we are doing and rejoin the group for the next activity.  For example, if the student is having difficulty during carpet time, the student will be asked to go to a safe space to refocus, but will rejoin the class for checkout.

Step 3: The student will reflect upon his/her behavior and complete an “Action Plan”. The student will conference with me during a recess time and have the sheet signed by a parent/guardian. 

          Step 4:  Phone Call Home

          Step 5:  Meeting with Principal

* Depending on the severity of the behavior, a child may be referred to the principal upon the first offense according to our bullying and harassment policies. 


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