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News about Pre-K


This year we will be integrating with another preschool class here at CDS. Your child will have the opportunity to participate in group activities with both classrooms.


Birthdays: Birthdays are very special in preschool. You are welcome to send birthday treats with your child. We ask that you do not send drinks.


Book bags: Please check book bags on a regular basis. We send home notes frequently and it is important that you know what is going on in the classroom.


Book orders: I will be sending home a book order once a month. It will come home with the newsletter. If you would like to order books out of the book order please send the money and the slip back to school with your child. This is only optional; no one is required to participate.


Donations: You are only required to have a book bag for this class. There are going to be times where we will need you to send in extra supplies. Please check your child’s book bag for notes.


E-mail: You can always reach me by e-mail at


Field Trips: We will have the opportunity to go on some field trips this year. Parents and /or grandparents are more then welcome to join us for any field trip although they will not be able to ride the bus. It is the Goddard district policy that sibling cannot go.


Library: Library will be on Tuesday. Your child will bring home one book a week. If we do not get that book back they will not be able to check out another one. It is a good idea to place it back in your child’s book bag as soon as you get done reading it.


Parent-Teacher Conferences: We will have parent-teacher conferences two times during the school year. You will need to contact the school to set an appointment during this time. If you have any other concerns you may contact the school any time at 794-4260.


Recess: The students will get recess if the weather permits. Please send necessary clothing marked with your child’s name.