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The Behavior Expectations in my classroom are:


*Follow directions (including the school-wide rules)


*Raise your hand before speaking


*Work quietly (whisper voices)


*Play safely


*Treat others the way that you want to be treated (respect other’s property)


*Be a good study buddy for each other /Do your best


*Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself


*Soft talking in the hallways with hands to your side—always walk



The All-Star Behavior System


  1. Strike one = “oops, you let your behavior slip”
  2. Strike two = “you need to be much more careful of your behavior”; “S.T.A.R.” break if needed...(one walking lap will be owed)
  3. Strike three = “there will be no treasure box choice on Friday”; Activity period will be owed...( parents will be notified by an e-mail, phone call or note home.)


The strikes will be given after several verbal warnings have been given.  There will be many opportunities for positive rewards.  Some examples of the positive rewards are as follows:  positive verbal praises, pats on the back, smiles, hugs (all only if the student doesn’t mind this type of reward),

 extra free time, extra recess, treasure box choices on Fridays, and various treats are all examples that might be used throughout the school year.