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                                        ABC CLUB


 Dear Parents,   

    We have a special club for fourth graders called The ABC ClubA stands for Achieve, B is Believe in your abilities, and C means to Commit to your plan or goal. The purpose for the club is to motivate students and encourage them to put forth their best effort at school.  We feel fourth grade is a critical time for fourth graders before they transition to 5th grade.  We want students to start thinking about their future, and embrace the power they have to make positive choices that will impact their lives.  We want them to realize every day is important at school!                           


                                     ABC Club Rap

                     I do my best to achieve success.

              Believe in myself and never second guess

             Put my best foot forward each and every day

              I lead to achieve, let me show you the way!

                  Have goals and dreams so I must commit

                  Failure isn’t an option, no reason to quit

              Achieve!        Believe!       Commit!       ABC Club!!