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Behavior Expectations

The Behavior Expectations in my classroom are:



*Follow directions (including the school-wide rules)


*Raise your hand before speaking


*Work quietly (whisper voices)


*Play safely


*Treat others the way that you want to be treated (respect other’s property)


*Be a good study buddy for each other /Do your best


*Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself


*Soft talking in the hallways with hands to your side—always walk



Behavior Plan

Here are the following rules that I will be modeling and discussing with your child this year:

  1.  Be safe, be kind, and be honest! 
  2. Listen when the teacher is talking.
  3. Follow directions the first time.
  4. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  5. Raise your hand to share thoughts or to ask a question.


I will use a clip chart to reinforce these class rules/expected behavior.Each student will begin the day with their clip on green for Ready to Learn.They will have opportunities to clip up the chart for things like following directions and being kind.Clipping up to blue is Good Day, purple is Great Job!, and pink is Outstanding.Students will be asked to clip down for negative behavior/not following the rules after a verbal warning.Clipping down to yellow is Stop and Think About It, orange is Teacher’s Choice, and red is Parent Contact.


The first clip down is “Stop and Think About It” (yellow), which is simply a reminder to make better choices.There is no consequence at this level, simply a verbal warning.If a student clips down to “Teacher’s Choice” (orange), the first consequence will be given.The consequence may be a time out, thinking lap(s) at Activity period, sitting out of an activity, or missing some Activity period.If a student clips all the way down to “Parent Contact” (red), an additional consequence e will be given, such as losing an entire Activity Period, possibly contacting the principal, and a note will be sent home for the day.I may also call or email the parent if more explanation of the behavior is needed.


All students have the opportunity to clip back up once he/she begin to make better choices about their behavior.No student is ever “stuck” in one place.


Students will also be able to earn a treat from the Skittles/M&M when they’ve earned moving above pink.  When a student earns 10 (combined) green, blues, purples, pinks, and Hall of Fame, in their weekly Behavior Folder (that is signed by a parent), they will have the opportunity to choose a reward from the rewards chart.

Students will record their color for the end of the day on a calendar in their Take Home Folder, this helps them to be aware of how they are doing in this area, as well as keeping you aware.Please take time to look at your child’s behavior calendar and initial at the end of each week.After earning 10 blues, purples, or pinks, students may choose from a list of rewards, such as wear a hat for the day, switch desks for a day, 20 minutes extra technology time, or puzzle time in the library.